HABC Level 3 Award in Food Allergen Management for Caterers

HABC Level 3 Award in Food Allergen Management for Caterers

This course will provide candidates with knowledge relating to the control of food ingredients, including food allergens, at all stages of food purchase and production, as well as the process for ensuring accurate ingredient information is available for customers at point of sale and service. The topics covered by this course are regarded by the Food Standards Agency as being important to maintaining good practice in th reproduction of safe food.

As from 13th December 2014 there will be a legal requirement for all food businesses to provide accurate information regarding ingredients in food this course will help to ensure that you meet this requirement.

Duration: 1 Day + additional pre-course home-study

Qualification Overview: Learners gaining this qualification will know and be able to apply the knowledge relating to the controls of food ingredients, including allergens, at all stages of food purchase and production.

Target Audience: This qualification is aimed at those responsible for the purchase, delivery, production and serving of food in the catering industry.

The qualification is also suitable for those owning/managing a smaller catering company.

Learning Outcomes: Successful of the training programme and assessment will ensure candidates are able to understand the following:-

1. Understand the different roles in ensuring that food ingredients and allergens are effectively completion managed;

2. Understand the characteristics of Food Allergies and food intolerances;

3. Understand procedures relating to the accurate communication of ingredients information, from suppliers to consumers;

4. Understand hygiene considerations with regard to allergen and ingredients control.

5. Understand procedures relating to the control of contamination and cross-contamination of allergenic ingredients.

Assessment Method: This qualification is assessed by a learner workbook which is internally assessed by the Tutor, which is then internally quality assured by another suitably qualified person at the centre and will then be externally quality assured by HABC.

Certification/Awarding Body: Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance (HABC)

The HABC Level 3 Award in Food Allergen Management for Caterers is a National Award written and endorsed by HABC.

This qualification is outside of the regulated frameworks, however it could be used as prior knowledge to enrol onto a regulated qualification in the future.

Suggested Progression:

  • Level 3 Award in Supervising HACCP for Catering
  • Level 4 Award in Managing Food Safety in Catering (QCF)