Diabetic Diets

Diabetic Diets

Who is it suitable for:

People with diabetes, their friends and family.

Anyone working in  residential care or care in the community.

Any managers,cooks or catering assistants in the catering industry.

Diabetic Diets -Learning outcomes

Successful completion of this course will enable candidates to understand:

  • The types and symptoms of diabetes
  • The nutritional requirements of a client who has diabetes
  • How a healthy balanced diet can have a positive effect on the  health of a client
  • How to incorporate recipe ideas into menu planning.

Outline of Programme

• What is it
• Types
• Effects
• Healthy eating plan for diabetics
• Recipe suggestions
• Menu Planning and purchasing

Course duration : 3 hours

Assessment method: question/answer

 Experience :previous experience not essential


Level 2 Award in Healthier  foods and special diets

Eating for health in care homes